GMFR Strava Group

Thanks to Covid-19 we cannot have a normal race in 2021… instead we would like to encourage all friends of the GMFR to come together and take on a number of running (and cycling) challenges throughout the month of January 2021.

Please join our Strava group here: GMFR 2021

The group is a private group, so you will need to request membership. We are asking members to contribute a donation of £10 to join (make my donation). 100% of the money collected will go to Barnabas Oley Primary School PTA. In return, you will get the support of your fellow members and the chance to take part in a variety of different challenges!

We will try to come up with some participation rewards also!

The Challenges:

The Distance Challenges:

The distance challenges let you test yourself over three typical race distances – 5km, 10km, and half-marathon (or cycling milestones). They can be run anywhere, anytime and as fast or slow as you wish. To enter you should join the applicable monthly challenge on Strava (for example, this one from December – then using the club filter page, it will be possible to monitor progress of our group members).


  • 5k run distance challenge Join
  • 10k run distance challenge Join
  • half marathon run distance challenge Join
  • 100k in January Join


  • 100k ride (probably best done indoors!) Join
  • 7,500m climbing (one for the Zwifters) Join
  • 400k in January Join

Try and complete the set for extra kudos!

The Segment Challenges:

We’ve picked a number of our favourite local running & cycling segments, as well as a variety of different loops. We’ll use the leader board function in Strava (with the club filter applied) to see who has managed to complete each segment over the course of the month. Can anyone complete them all?

  • Run segments:
GrassGt GransdenSports field lap CW0.6km (0.4m)Segment
Off-roadWaresleyThe Tunnel bridleway, southbound0.6km (0.4m)Segment
MuddyWaresley – AbbotsleyPress-up Hill0.8km (0.5m)Segment
Loop (road)Gt GransdenBOPS Central Business District1km (0.6m)Segment
Off-roadAbbotsleyAbbotsley Roller1.3km (0.8m)Segment
TrackWaresleyChicken Chase Waresley1.6km (1.0m)Segment
Loop (road)Gt GransdenGt Gransden Sausage
(Run 2 laps for a fast 5km)
2.5km (1.6m)Segment
Loop (off-road)Gt GransdenMuddy 5k5km (3.1m)Segment
Loop (off-road)TetworthHeritage Trail & Greensands Ridge 10k10.8km (6.7m)Segment
  • Bike segments:
Loop (road)AbbotsleySt Neots TT course18.0km (11.2m)Segment
ZwiftWatopiaAlpe du Zwift (Zwift Insider verified)12.2km (7.59m)
ZwiftFranceMont Ventoux KOM (Zwift Insider verified)19.0km (11.8m)
ZwiftLondonBox Hill KOM (Zwift Insider verified)3.0km (1.87m)
ZwiftParisChamps-Élysées (Zwift Insider verified)6.6km (4.1m)Segment

The Random Challenges:

Our challenges aren’t all about distance or speed… we have some fun challenges too! Get out for a run or cycle and don’t forget your camera to post the evidence on your activity!

You don’t even need to join the Strava group to take on our challenges, just don’t forget to make a donation to the school fund (make a donation).

  • #CrossCounty – Run / ride to another County!
  • #FancyDress – Surprise your neighbours with a run / ride in full on fancy dress!
  • #Family – Drag the family out for some exercise, even a walk will do!
  • #Intervals – One for the enthusiasts, plan a session & execute!
  • #LitterPick – Channel your inner Womble and collect some litter!
  • #Mud – In the spirit of GMFR… Go out, get muddy!
  • #Nature – Owls, deer, foxes, red kite… What did you see?
  • #NYD – Start the year as you mean to go on… Log a run / ride on Jan 1st!
  • #Snow – OK, this one is rather weather dependent, but if it snows… out you goes!
  • #StravaArt – Draw a picture with your route!
  • #Sunrise – Start in the dark, and earn your breakfast!

Tag your run / ride with the appropriate challenge(s) and post some pictures, so we can confirm completion. Obviously you can tick off more than one at a time!

Please remember, this is supposed to be fun. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits, take care of yourself and others. The Strava community guidelines are worth a read.