2021 Race Home

Thank you to our sponsors:

Welcome to the home of the Gransden Muddy Fun Run

Unfortunately, owing to Covid-19, we cannot run the GMFR in its usual form in 2021. Instead, in order to continue our important fund raising efforts for Barnabas Oley Primary School, we are offering the following alternative activities:

Barnabas Oley January Challenge

Throughout the month of January 2021, children at Barnabas Oley will be encouraged to record individual runs or cycles and report these to their class teacher. Each class will maintain a ‘totaliser’ to record the cumulative distance covered. Children can reach individual achievement milestones and earn a badge / sticker for their own cumulative distance, or for completing a single distance run.

To sponsor the children in this endeavour, please head to the sponsorship site

Friends of GMFR Strava Group

For anyone else interested in supporting the GMFR & BOPS, please join our community Strava group to take part in a variety of different community activities. Different challenges will be set throughout the month of January 2021, these will be published here, and via our Facebook page:

See the challenges

Members of the group will be asked to make a £10 donation to join and take part, with 100% of the money collected going to the school. We aim (depending upon interest) to provide a participation reward, and some prizes at the end of the month!

Gransden Mystery Marathon 2021


Future lockdowns & Covid rules permitting, we will host the 2nd edition of the Gransden Mystery Marathon, on Sunday January 31st 2021. This event is naturally ‘socially distanced’, and therefore can be run safely (with a few tweaks). An extremely challenging off-road, self-navigated marathon, with a twist – the runners will only find out their route on the day, as they navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint!



We need lots of volunteers to make our race a success:

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